One IntegratedP.O.S Solution
OfisXpert offers a cloud based integrated solution Point of Sales which consist of various feature. Our users will benefit :
Centralised Control.
Multiple Station Support.
Handle Multiple Branches.
0% GST Ready.



Eliminate Error in Data Entry

Integration of modules eliminate risk of error in data entry to different applications. OfisXpert integration automatically updates related modules.


Real Insight of Business Activities

As all modules on the cloud are in-sync with each other, users are able to fetch the most current data or information related to various activities.


Increase Organization’s Efficiency and Productivity

Integrated cloud based solution improves the efficiency of the organization’s by getting more work done in less time with less people.


Flexibility and Scalability

OfisXpert provides a simple solution for company to upgrade or downgrade their business requirement thus maintain the cost of various operations related to different projects or tasks.

OfisXpert now complete bundled with Advance Accounting & POS system, Inventory, Invoicing and Input/Output Tax

Our Hybrid Solution is an Advanced Accounting compliant software certified by Royal Malaysia Customs Department. Tax settings is inbuilt and simplified to enable users to set their input and output tax correctly to its code and linked accounts. Users can further define tax types such as import tax, export tax and blocked tax.