The solution for managing your business needs
Our solution provides integrated modules from managing sales and purchases, customer and suppliers, services and inventory as well as accounting, finance and self-service HR features for employees. You will be able to access real-time business reports, keep track of stock and retrieve up-to-date information anytime you need it.
One IntegratedSolution
OfisXpert offers a cloud based integrated solution which consist of various module with accounting as it core. Our users will benefit :
Eliminate Error in Data Entry.
Real Insight of Business Activities.
Increase Organization’s Efficiency & Productivity.
Flexibility & Scalability.

Accounting Software Support


Eliminate Error in Data Entry

Integration of modules eliminate risk of error in data entry to different applications. OfisXpert integration automatically updates related modules.


Real Insight of Business Activities

As all modules on the cloud are in-sync with each other, users are able to fetch the most current data or information related to various activities.


Increase Organization’s Efficiency and Productivity

Integrated cloud based solution improves the efficiency of the organization’s by getting more work done in less time with less people.


Flexibility and Scalability

OfisXpert provides a simple solution for company to upgrade or downgrade their business requirement thus maintain the cost of various operations related to different projects or tasks.

GST Compliant

Accounting & Finance

Pay invoices, bills, expenses
Financial reports (balance sheet, income statement, P&L)

Streamline and automate accounting processes which seamlessly integrates with order management, inventory management and contact management. Get real time view of cash flow and commitments, configure various taxes and reconcile transactions and foreign currency accounts. Generate business reports using a set of summary and detailed accounting reports.

GST Compliant

Inventory Management

Manage stock & vendor information
Integrated sales & purchase order creation & tracking
Define company services & assign hourly or fixed rates
Integrated services billing with time sheet module
Inventory Stock Report

Manage and get accurate reports on your stocks and inventory list at all times. Monitor stock transfer and get an up-to date inventory data to ensure the smoothness of the company business flow. Adjust your stock accordingly and generate inventory reports to keep track of your stock.


Order Management

Sales & purchase quotations, orders & invoices
Create credit/debit notes
Cash sale & purchases
Integrated customer & vendor invoices
Good received note & Manage transactions

Integration of accounting, inventory and contacts ensure the fulfillment of every sales order while maintaining the visibility of your sales process. Creating purchase order, sales order and invoice is no longer a hassle for you. Print invoices via your web browser and even email them directly to your clients through the system.


Dashboard & Reporting

Financial reports - balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and trial balance
HR related reports - leaves, claims and time billing
Cash sale & purchases
Sales & Purchases reports - sales & purchase summary and ageing reports.
Good received note & Manage transactions

Get an overview of your business health such as sales revenue, bank balances, recent transactions and upcoming bills. Real-time reporting tools provide you with a means of producing business reports, transaction details and reviewing your business growth. Gain instant access to your financial and tax reports

GST Compliant
GST Compliant

Employee Self Service

Employee data management
Claim and expenses submission
Leave application
Personal calendar

Empower your employees to access and manage their HR data. Employees can manage their personal information, make expenses claims, apply leaves and file time billing through the employee dashboard from anywhere, anytime. Employees also able to manage their personal calendar and share their important dates with their colleague.

GST Compliant

Contact Management

Manage customer and vendor information
Track their sales and purchase history
Create contact type to segment your customer, vendor and employee.

Customer and supplier relationship are essential to a business. Build a profile of your customer and access up-to date information on your customer anytime, anywhere. Managing suppliers is crucial to inventory management and controlling expenditure. With contact type feature, you will be able to segment your contact type and filter them in your company Income Statement report to view revenue generated from each segment of customer.