Why Cloud?

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • New Economics

  •  Pay for what you use
  •  Lower and predictable costs
  •  Shift from Capex to Opex
  •  Reduce hardware expenditure
  • Get Rid of IT Complexities

  •  No IT patching and maintenance
  •  Up & running quickly
  •  Robust multi-layered security
  •  Reliability and fault-tolerance
  • Redefining productivity

  •  Latest software for users
  •  Anywhere, anytime access
  •  Instant self-provisioning
  •  so that business can be more effective
  •  as and when your business grows

Your Focus & Expectation


OfisXpert Cloud Advantage

Agility Agility
Your business management software must respond quickly to business needs.
With OfisXpert, you don’t have to worry about building and managing servers, patching operating systems and designing your own redundancy systems. OfisXpert provides you the ability to scale up and down seamlessly as and when your business grow.
focus Focus
You want to focus on delivering value to customers - not on managing technology infrastructure.
OfisXpert simplifies deployment and makes it easier for businesses to scale up and down quickly. You can focus more on solving business problems.
Efficiency Efficiency
You are seeking a cost effective solution to manage your business.
OfisXpert cloud model allow you to consume the computing resources that you need without having to invest in procuring and configuring IT infrastructure that may never be fully utilized.
Reliability Reliability
You need a reliable and trustworthy platform for your business management software.
You also want dependable performance that exceeds what you can accomplish with your own IT resources.
OfisXpert cloud model abstracts away operational hurdles and enables you to focus on the business solutions as opposed to operational hurdles.
Reliability Innovation
You need an IT solution that can help you do new things - or do the things you are doing now in new ways – so that business can be more effective.
Cloud computing will simplify you to use IT to power compelling scenarios in addressing your current and future business needs.